IWD 2021 Recap

March 09, 2021

IWD Recap - Chorvelle Johnson Cunningham & Tara Nunes

Chorvelle Johnson Cunningham appreciates that, like other women in leadership roles today, she is standing on the shoulders of those women who went before her to pave the way.

“And the onus is on us to not just continue to set that bar, but also to pull others up with us. The key is, as much as we can, to mentor other ladies,” she said unreservedly. “Even if we can’t mentor them full-time, then give them guidance. Find ways to give them constructive criticism in a nice way, so that they will feel enamoured to come back to you for more information.” 

her two decades in the industry, one of the biggest challenges that Johnson Cunningham has observed and experienced is the struggle of trying to find a ‘work-life balance’.

“Initially, I was of the opinion that I had to have a work-life balance. As I advanced in my career and moved up in age, I realised and recognised that I no longer needed to strive for a balance,” she said. “Instead I #ChooseToChallenge this every day and recognise that there will be times when my family will take precedence over everything, and there will also be times when work will be my top priority. The critical component is ensuring that I have the right support base at work and at home. In organising and planning, similar to what I would do for work, I ensure I pencil in quality time at home with family and friends.”

Tara Nunes contends that even though women have been shattering glass ceilings in the banking sector in recent years, there are still many sharp splinters of gender bias lying around that need to be swept away.

“Today, even though the majority of senior management positions in financial institutions are held by women, the number one positions, senior executive positions and board positions remain dominated by men,” she said. “Still, there have been a handful of accomplished and outstanding women who have made it to the top over the years and I am happy to see an increase in those numbers in recent times."

She acknowledges gracefully that she is one of those women, as having a 20-year career in the gruelling field, and now being appointed as the first female CEO of Sagicor Investments Jamaica is something she is extremely proud of, and does not take lightly. “I #ChooseToChallenge everyday because I have two daughters in their early 20s now,” she beamed. “I have always sought to set an example for them, to show them that anything is possible with hard work, commitment and belief in oneself. It is humbling and I will continue to strive and blaze the trail for other young women to follow, as was done for me.” 

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