How to maintain a personal wellness plan

October 03, 2021

Via Loop News

Beginning a wellness journey is a goal many persons set to get their lives on track but often fail to maintain consistently.

Often puzzled by the outcome, these individuals become too demotivated to resume anything wellness-related.  

But what is the reason for the perceived letdown and how can it be addressed?

According to Sagicor’s Wellness Ambassador Shani McGraham-Shirley, ‘without a clear wellness plan, many persons can become stalled in their efforts to achieve their wellness goals.

A wellness plan is a strategy developed to ensure an individual achieves personal wellness.

It is a list of goals that keep you accountable and acts as a motivator that keeps a person on track and ensures they keep their momentum going. 

‘Having a wellness plan will help you to envision your goals and plot the steps to achieve them.’

‘Just like in business, having a plan gives you the motivation and commitment you need to keep going’.

‘It is something flexible and measurable that enables you to adjust as you see fit,’ she reasoned.

The fitness instructor details how individuals can create and maintain a wellness plan below: 

Make a realistic plan

Be honest with yourself and set realistic, achievable goals.

Start with short-term goals (weekly, then monthly) and have one goal for each component of wellness.

For example, for your mental wellness, you can meditate or listen to relaxing music for five minutes every day; for physical wellness, get a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise at least four days per week; and for financial wellness, consider meeting with a financial advisor.

Prioritise you and what you need at the time

Reduce your stress levels by prioritising your needs and wants. Make your plan in order of priority and tackle each task/element accordingly.

Write down your goals and choose which ones you will start with. Initially, begin with 2–4 goals to avoid being overwhelmed.

Move to your next set of goals when you have comfortably completed the first.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Nothing is ever easy, but you can take control of your life and make it manageable.

The beauty of creating a plan is that there are zero limits to how many you can create and how often you can make changes; if one fails, simply wheel and come again.

It is perfectly okay if you wish to alter your plan as you see fit – the goal is to find something that suits you and your lifestyle.

Measure your progress

For your wellness plan to work effectively, you need to track your progress and measure your goals against it.

When creating your plan, use a calendar to assign a reasonable timeline of your weekly, monthly, quarterly target and keep track of your progress; this will inform your actions and help if you need to alter your plan or goals.


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