Outstanding Men: Leading by Example - Clinton Hunter, AVP Retail Banking, Sagicor Bank

November 23, 2021

via Jamaica Observer

Clinton Hunter, Assistant Vice-President (AVP), Retail Banking, Sagicor Bank Jamaica

I am inspired by John Maxwell's  “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”, and I endeavour to adopt this principle in how I lead, both in my professional and personal life. In my professional life, on the job, for example, I will not ask my team members to do something that I have never done or am prepared to do.  As the AVP of Retail Banking at Sagicor Bank, I ensure that I balance my time well by lending a listening ear to clients, oftentimes doing client visits, and providing active coaching and mentoring to my team, which includes the network of branch managers across the bank. At home, I not only verbalise the importance of education to my daughters, but I demonstrate this by showing them the importance of self-development through continuous learning. 

I encourage respect for everyone regardless of their station in life, and that is something I instil in my children and they live that out because they see me living and practising those values.
I am a firm believer that there is a higher power who is ordering my steps, and therefore I live my life accordingly.  This I believe inspires me and my family to subscribe to the view that we can do all things through His strength and guidance.    
I believe it is imperative for men to play a critical role in helping to address some of the many social ills that are facing our society now. As men, we must show up by setting the right examples for our children, family, colleagues, friends, and the wider society. Both men and women must work together, equally, to support a fully functional society, family structure, and workplace. I encourage men across Jamaica to lead in a positive way, so that you will be proud if a child, co-worker, family or friend was to say that they are following in your footsteps — let us ensure that we are leading by doing the right thing.