Bianca Nam: On a path to success

May 03, 2021

Via Jamaica Observer

For this recreational runner, her career journey mirrors her morning runs with steep climbs and rough terrains. Though not always evenly paced, Bianca Nam continues to persevere and attain success.

Heading up the Wealth Management Division at Sagicor Investments, the determined assistant vice-president – wealth and corporate relationship manager has navigated the financial landscape to build a rewarding career over the last 15 years that allows her to use her expertise to determine the appropriate portfolio mix for her clients.

Drawing on her experience across treasury and wealth management, she has built an impressive track record that has won her the loyalty of a group of high net worth clients. Her intricate knowledge of the local and international financial landscape has been developed both through bull markets and challenging periods.

“I distinctly remember navigating the debt exchange in 2009 which was a very challenging time for Jamaica and the financial sector. It involved many late nights and very difficult conversations with clients, as the situation evolved rapidly. I was concerned about meeting my targets, but maintained the approach of staying close to our clients and developed new portfolio strategies to adapt to the investment circumstances at the time,” she recounted.

As testament to her persistence, she exceeded her targets and copped the highest achiever award within the organisation that year. Her winning streak continued throughout the years, earning her the respect of her leaders, clients, and team members.

Her team recently copped the award for best performing team for 2019 and 2020 at the Sagicor Corporate Awards, held as a hybrid event on April 21, recognising the awardees for the two years.

“Receiving those awards proved to me that hard work and personalised portfolio management always pays off. I set goals, stay focused, remain consistent and do not give up until I accomplish what I set out to,” she said, in sharing her approach to success.

“I have learnt that there is no substitute for experience, especially in an unpredictable environment. Crises will happen and can completely change the momentum and direction of life, but you must be nimble and adapt quickly, do sound analysis, and reassure clients in order to stay on top of your game,” she continued.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic redefining norms around the world, it is imperative that we keep abreast of international events and their likely impact on clients and team members and respond appropriately.”

At the core, Nam's drive is intrinsically linked to her attention to detail, intimate knowledge of financial products, and a desire to assist others build and maintain wealth and ultimately realise financial security. She expressed that each client's issues are seen as a unique opportunity to her to achieve this, so she calmly and carefully constructs personalised portfolio solutions for clients.

Having learnt of the power of investing from early in her career when she used her first pay cheque to purchase stocks, Nam is motivated by a desire to share with others its benefits.

Nam knows that investing is not only about short-term gains, but is a lifetime commitment to clients. That philosophy has served her and her clients well, and she is happy to be at the forefront of some exciting product developments and leading a team of highly competent, driven and capable professionals.

With her eyes committed to further leadership, Nam has plans to continue her run towards future success.