The Saul's Story

Saul's Testimonial
The Saul's Story
January 13, 2019

Petra and Zephaniah have their hands full with seven-year-old Lanna Niahlie and two-year-old Alazne Jewel. However, no matter how busy things get for the Sauls and their daughters, they take time to appreciate life’s blessings.

“With two awesome girls, I find myself living in the moment, having fun at home or taking them to the beach, which they love,” says Petra.

Being part of the Sagicor family has given the Sauls peace of mind for their future. “We have a wonderful Sagicor Advisor, and have been able to rely on Sagicor to give us a mortgage for our home,” states Petra. “In addition, I want to ensure that our children are better off than I was growing up, and that I can secure a good financial future for them. I believe Sagicor can help me achieve this.”