Who We Are

With more than 180 years history of operations in the region, dating back to 1840, we are the second oldest insurer in the Americas.  We have evolved to be a market leading provider of insurance products and financial services to individuals and groups in the Caribbean, notably Jamaica, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago.  We also have a growing presence as a provider of life insurance in the United States.  Our core products and services include life and health insurance, annuities, pension investment and administration, property and casualty insurance, and a suite of ancillary non-insurance financial products and services including banking and investment management.
In November 2018, Sagicor Financial Company Ltd. announced that it had entered into an “Arrangement Agreement” with Alignvest Acquisition II Corporation (Alignvest) which heralds in yet another significant milestone in our long and storied history.  Through this transaction, Sagicor acquired a listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange, providing the company with international exposure, greater access to capital to fund growth and be exposed to proper price discovery for its shares, providing an opportunity to unlock fair value for all shareholders.
Sagicor, means "wise judgment" and reflects a new vision for financial advice and services. We help families by providing the assurance and peace of mind needed, especially during their most challenging times. This will never change.
Our name and identity draw on the strength, stability and financial prudence that are our heritage, but this identity also represents the freedom that wise financial thinking can bring to our Customers throughout the entire life-cycle - whether it is the purchase of a new home, planning a child's future and higher education, retirement, or simply providing security for loved ones. Sagicor will meet financial needs now and for the future.