An Above Average 2021 Hurricane Season Predicted


Hurricane researchers are predicting an above average 2021 season for storms and hurricanes.

The researchers are predicting 17 named tropical storms during the 2021 season. They expect eight of the storms to become hurricanes and four to reach major hurricane strength. Major hurricane strength has sustained winds of 111 miles per hour or higher.

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Sagicor Corporate Awards 2021- #GalaticGold Edition


After such a tumultuous 2020, we could not let this year pass without celebrating our Star Performers. The evening’s ambiance echoed themes of Galactic Gold, and everyone who got the memo was ‘gold carpet’ ready to celebrate their achievement; the ZOOM room was lit. Our hosts Tami and Wayne Mitchell from the #MTMFamily led the proceedings for the night, and they did a golden job alongside our ‘chill’ room host Debbie Bissoon. 


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Dengue Fever - What You Should Know


Dengue Fever is a mosquito borne viral disease The virus responsible for causing dengue, is called dengue virus ( There are four types of DENV viruses, DENV 1 to DENV 4 which makes it possible to be infected with dengue four times.

While many DENV infections produce only mild illness, occasionally severe dengue could occur which has a high risk of death due to its many associated complications.

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The HIV Diagnosis – no longer devastating? - Why you should not fear testing


HIV testing is one of the most anxiety inducing medical tests that many persons fear. Fear of the possibility of a positive test result even prevents some persons from testing altogether. This presents the danger of diagnosis at a later stage where physical signs and symptoms of HIV may be present. In Barbados some 39% percent of cases are late stage diagnoses1. Voluntary testing helps undiagnosed persons to get an early diagnosis and start treatment before any symptoms or signs occur.

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Business Growth


Who and what are we working for?

The challenges faced by business owners vary, but one thing remains the same – running your own small business or being an entrepreneur requires a lot of dedication and hard work.



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Investing for Life


Which stage of life are you in? Getting married? Planning for retirement? Or just getting your first job?

Remember that as you move through life’s stages, your investment needs will evolve with you. Find out what your investment goals should be based on your life stage right now!

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