CariCare™ Card - New Card, Awesome Benefits

Sagicor’s CariCARE™ Card has a bold new look with all the benefits that only Sagicor customers can enjoy.

Forget about filling out claim forms, paying upfront costs and waiting to be reimbursed at participating CariCARE™ swipe facility providers.  With Sagicor’s CariCARE™ Card,  you can swipe your card to receive instant coverage, while only paying your part! It’s easier, cheaper, and you reap the immediate benefits of your health insurance plan. 

Sagicor’s CariCARE™ plan with its combined benefits delivers service and value you can trust. CariCARE™  users benefit from more than doctor, dental and eye care visits. You also have the following benefits:

  • Hospital Room and Board
  • Emergency ambulance/air transportation
  • Transplant procedures

And much more. 

That’s not all! 

Our new card allows instant access to our website sagicor.com, by simply scanning the QR code. Call us at 1 (800) 744-7707 or email us at [email protected] to find out more or fill out the form above so we can chat!

But wait ... there’s even more? Yes!

Did you know in Trinidad and Tobago, CariCARE™ users can receive discounts at selected participating businesses through Medicard? For further information visit medicardlimited.com

Please note - the CariCARE™ card is only available via our Group and Individual Health plans.


New cards should be used immediately upon receipt.

Unless otherwise directed by your Group Plan Administrator or Advisor, you should destroy the old card immediately upon receipt of your new card.

No. The card comes fully activated and ready for use.

Yes. You can continue to use your green and white card until the new card is received.

If you are on a Group Health plan, the new card should have been issued to your employer. Please contact your plan administrator.

If you are on an Individual Health plan, the new card should have been issued to your Advisor. They will provide the new card to all active and paid-up members. Please contact your Advisor.

All members should receive their new cards by March 31st, 2023. After this date only the new cards are to be used.

Yes. Your benefits remain the same. The reimbursement benefit on the old card will be the most up-to-date balance available on the new card.

Discounts can be accessed from participating merchants in the Medicard network in Trinidad and Tobago.

You can access the full list of Medicard merchants by visiting their website at medicardlimited.com. You can enjoy discounts by presenting your CariCARE™ card at these merchants.

The new cards now feature a QR code which directs you to our Group Life & Health web page when scanned by your mobile device. From there you have access to more information on our Group Life and Health plans including claims and benefits information.

Contact our Client Relations team in your respective location who will provide the best Plan options based on your preferred requirements. You can email them at [email protected].

Please connect with us via our Support page

If you are an individual, then you may speak to one of our Advisors, complete the online form above or connect with us via our Support page

You may also connect with us via our Support page

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