Sagicor's Corporate Tax Secure Annuity Plan is an accumulated deferred annuity, approved under Section 134 (6) of the Income Tax Act of Trinidad & Tobago.

This plan is owned by the company. With this plan, the employers as the applicants, invest premiums into the policy on behalf of the employees.


The introduction of such a plan creates added incentives for employees as both top management as well as general staff can reap its benefits. 
All premiums are paid before the employer pays corporate taxes.
The plan is flexible and can be adjusted to meet economic conditions and employee requirements.


The plan offers the employee the opportunity to invest his/her earnings into a pension investment instrument that earns a high rate of return and is funded with pre-tax salary dollars.
The employer has the option to invest up to 1/3 of assessable income or 20% of the employee’s gross income (whichever is greater to the employee) into this plan with tax-free dollars.
The plan is portable, as such it can be transferred to a new employer if the situation arises where the employee changes jobs. 
The employee is protected in that all privileges and benefits are for the use of and benefit to the annuitant and his or her estate.