Consider taking us home for affordable insurance solutions to protect your home and its contents.

It’s most likely your most-valuable possession and the cost to replace it would be financially devastating.  As such, your home needs to be protected with insurance that covers losses that would otherwise place you in a very bad financial place.  In the event of damage or loss due to fire, flooding, storms, theft or any other disaster, Sagicor will be there to offer peace of mind and help return things to the way they were.

Homeowner’s insurance helps you start over by providing:
Money to repair or replace your home
Protection against liability claims from someone injured on your property
Protection against liability should you or a family member damage someone else’s property or cause bodily injury
Coverage for additional living costs should you need to temporarily leave your home.

Are you considering getting home insurance?  Here are some points to keep in mind:
Does your level of home insurance adequately cover any potential losses?
What would it cost to rebuild your home?
Are you covered against claims from other people?

Sagicor Home Insurance coverage includes:
Finding alternative accommodations
Loss of rent
Replacement of external locks
Title deeds
Glass replacement

See list of Property Insurance Policies below:

Homeowners Comprehensive 
Contents Insurance 

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Home Contents Insurance

Whether you own your home or rent, you will need insurance for your contents. You are covered for the following perils. Fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, theft, riot, storm, flood, aircraft (and things falling from aircrafts) and land slippage.

Key Protector Home

Most of us spend time thinking about how we’re going to make money and pay the bills. Often we overlook an equally significant task that of protecting what we already have. This protection is not just for our assets, but it’s about protecting the people closest to us.

Mortgage Indemnity Insurance

This insurance is used as a guarantee for that portion of a mortgage that is above what a lending institution would normally be willing to finance based on the value for the property.