Find the closest SurePay location near you.

Remember you can pay your life, health and general insurance premiums conveniently using any SurePay location near you. You may also use SurePay online. Sagicor encourages all to be safe at this time and to ensure you continue to practice social distancing.

List of SurePay Locations still active

  • MOONAN PAINT & SUPPLIES - 2492 Naparima Mayaro Road, High Street, Rio Claro<.li>
  • PASEA DRUGS - #21 Pasea Street, Tunapuna
  • MASSY STORES DIEGO MARTIN - Starlite Shopping Centre, Diego Martin
  • MASSY STORES EL DORADO - Eastern Main Road, El Dorado
  • MASSY STORES GLENCOE - Highland Plaza, Glencoe
  • MASSY STORES GULF CITY - Corner South Trunk Road and Bamboo Bay Road, La Romain
  • MASSY STORES MARABELLA - Marabella Roundabout, Marabella
  • MASSY STORES MARAVAL - Saddle Road, Maraval
  • MASSY STORES ST. ANNS - 104 Cascade Road, St. Ann’s
  • MASSY STORES ST. AUGUSTINE - Eastern Main Rd St. Augustine
  • MASSY STORES TRINCITY - Trincity Industrial Estate, Corner of Tissue Drive and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Tacarigua
  • MASSY STORES WEST MALL - Western Main Road, Westmoorings
  • MASSY STORES MANDALAY - Mandalay Gardens, Buena Vista Estate, Arima
  • MASSY STORES CHAGAUNAS - Mid Centre Shopping Plaza, Chaguanas
  • MASSY STORES BROADWAY - 51 Cocorite Road, Broadway, Arima