Sagicor Sends Strong Message for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 21, 2019

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – Using striking and strategically placed messaging, Sagicor once again declared the month of October ‘Pinktober’, joining the global community in acknowledging Breast Cancer Awareness. In an effort to sensitize the public to the importance of screening for early detection, the Caribbean’s premier financial services company rolled out a bold, public messaging campaign, in well placed, high-traffic locations, including partnerships with the Sheraton and Lanterns Malls.

While the elevator at Lanterns Mall and sliding doors at Sheraton bear a special Breast Cancer message, the road humps across Sheraton’s car parks are now doing more than slowing motorists. The humps have been painted in Breast Cancer’s flagship colour, pink, flanked with the message “Felt that Bump? Get checked today,” as a timely reminder to all who pass through the popular shopping centre.

Additionally, each of Sagicor’s branches have been championing the cause, with the Haggatt Hall and Wildey locations prominently featuring Breast Cancer’s signature pink ribbon as a life-sized piece on their premises. The offices of Collymore Rock have also outfitted their elevators and painted the office’s steps with inspiring messages including “This step is for our Mothers. This step is for our Daughters.”

Sagicor’s Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Brand Experience, Ingrid Card, said the organisation is pleased to be able to assist in pushing the message of early detection.

“Screening is a form of early detection, but people can only take action if they are aware. If we can be a force behind people having a fighting chance, then we embrace that. We realize that we can use our position to advance awareness and action behavioural change and so we hope that both females and males will heed the message and go out and get their screenings done.”

Steps at Sagicor Collymore reflecting the journey we are all taking in the fight against Breast Cancer with
our mothers, daughters, sisters and wives.



Road hump signage at Sheraton Mall.

Sliding door messaging at Sheraton Mall.

Sagicor Wildey keep the message going throughout the night for the entire month.