Whether replacing the loss of valuables or helping with costs of personal accidents our accident insurance has you covered.

Accidents happen. And they can be challenging enough to deal with without the added stress of not having the means to make things right again. Whether it’s replacing the loss of valuables such as money or jewelry, or helping with costs related to personal accidents at home or abroad our accident insurance has you covered against a wide array of calamities. In addition to the previously noted coverage, our accident insurance also provides you with mortgage indemnity.

Accident insurance provides the policy holder with payment made directly to the insured in the event of an accident resulting in injury or dismemberment to the insured person up to and including the death of the insured individual.  Accident insurance can also provide payment to a predetermined beneficiary or an estate in the event of death resulting from the accident.

See list of Accident Insurance Policies below:

  • Burglary
  • Mortgage Indemnity
  • All Risk
  • Travel
  • Personal Accident (Individual/Group)

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Contractors' All Risk Insurance

Cover damages to your building as well as losses and injury for which you may be legally liable whilst your home is under construction

Golfer's All Risk Insurance

An all-in-one policy that can provide cover for your equipment and any liability to others you may incur while golfing.

Travel Insurance

From a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Australian Outback to a pleasure craft cruise off the Grenadines, rest assured that Sagicor General’s Travel Insurance has you covered.