Sagicor Life Inc Shows Appreciation to Clients

October 18, 2018

This year, insurance company Sagicor Life Inc went the extra mile to show its clients how much they are appreciated. The company’s Customer Experience team hosted a Customer Service Week with activities, competitions, gifts and kind words for both clients and employees.

Clients were treated to prizes in a spin-the-wheel giveaway, a photo-booth, cupcakes and hand-written thank you notes from the Sagicor team. Clients were also given the opportunity to share words of praise for the Sagicor team, and their service, by leaving a note on a mounted comment board in the office. Fun activities extended to social media where Facebook fan Kimmele Jn-Pierre won a kit of Sagicor gift items. Employees were also included in the fun activities, sharing words of gratitude with their colleagues by placing brightly coloured Post-it notes at each other’s workstations. Later in the week, they participated in a company-wide treasure hunt.

At Sagicor Life Inc, customer service is paramount as the nature of the business revolves around providing financial solutions for a wide cross-section of clients. Cynthia Blackman, Manager – Customer Experience, expressed her gratitude on behalf of her team and the management and employees of the company. “Although we are appreciative every day of the year that our clients have chosen Sagicor as their insurance provider, we thought it was important to take the time to make sure they know how much we appreciate them. We are pleased that we could put smiles on the faces of our customers and we will continue to work hard, each day, to create memorable experiences which surpass their expectations.”

During the summer, the Customer Experience team also hosted a fun-day for the children of clients. Activities included a visit to a local animal sanctuary, painting and lunch at King George V Memorial Park.

Sagicor Life Inc Shows Appreciation to Clients