Sagicor encourages property owners to use downtime to prepare for the hurricane season

May 26, 2020

Port of Spain, Trinidad—The 2020 hurricane season is forecast to be one of the most active on record, and Sagicor is encouraging its clients and the general public to use the downtime created by COVID-19 lockdowns and curfews to adequately prepare their property.

“The official start of the season is just a week away and with individuals across the region still mostly confined to their homes due to ongoing restrictions on movement and public interaction, now is the perfect time for households to check around their property for any vulnerabilities,” said Keston Howell, President and CEO of Sagicor General Insurance Inc.

He explained that while the securing of adequate property insurance was critical, property owners should also put measures in place to limit the amount of damage that could be potentially caused by a passing tropical wave, storm, hurricane or flood.

“Checking roofs, windows, doors and the walls of your property for any cracks or weak areas and repairing them is the best course of action. If indeed your home is damaged by a storm, we will be there to provide the financial and emotional support you need to get things back in order, however, by reducing the potential for damage through repairing or reinforcing key areas, any discomfort to you and your family can be significantly minimised.”

Howell also emphasised that people should also clear any debris and remove or store any loose objects that could become potential missiles during a storm. “Clearing yards and trimming trees not only reduces any threats to your property, but also to that of your neighbours,” he said.

The President and CEO also encouraged all property owners and renters to use this time to make a detailed list of their possessions and valuables and seriously consider taking out a contents insurance package to cover any potential damage or destruction that could be caused by a storm, hurricane or seasonal flooding.

According to the April forecast from Tropical Storm Risk (TSR), the 2020 season is expected to be 25 per cent more active than the 1950 to 2019 long-term norm, with 18 named storms and eight hurricanes. At least three of the eight hurricanes are expected to be Category 3 and higher. The public is therefore asked to take these projections seriously, particularly against the backdrop of the devastation that has been witnessed throughout the Caribbean over the last three years.

Keston Howell, President and CEO, Sagicor General Insurance