Sagicor General Renewal and Claims Guidelines

Sagicor General Insurance Inc fully supports the call of the Government of Barbados (GOB) for the national community to do its part in combating the spread of the COVID 19 virus. 
In addition to the emphasis on regular hand washing and the other habits that promote good hygiene, we also endorse the practice of social distancing to minimize physical interaction and curb the spread of the virus.    As we join in the national effort to minimize social gatherings and protect our citizens, we have decided to close our offices to and implement the following business continuity protocols to facilitate remote transactions.
Broker and agent clients will continue to be serviced by their brokers and agents and should contact their broker/agent for information regarding their transactions.


  • Upon receipt of your renewal notice (or to follow up on the renewal of your policy) please contact our call centre at 4312800 and select option 5.
  • Premium payments can be made via CIBC First Caribbean, Royal Bank of Canada and Bank of Nova Scotia online banking portals, Surepay and Surepay online or via Credit Card. 
  • Online payments via Third Party Transfers can be made to First Caribbean International Bank, Branch Transit No. 09606, Account Number 62812312 in the name of Sagicor General Insurance Inc.  To facilitate this Sagicor General Insurance Inc will need to be set up as a Third-Party Payee (please follow your bank’s set up instructions).
  • Ensure that the correct Name on Policy (Insured) and Policy Number is input in the “reference” field so that we can allocate the premium paid to your policy
  • Clients who wish to pay via Credit Card can confirm this via email or telephone and you will be contacted via telephone to have the transaction completed.
  • Receipts and Policy Certificates will be sent via email



  • In light of the COVID 19 crisis please note that our Road Tax and Licenses Renewal Services as well as our Roadside Assistance Services have been suspended with immediate effect. 
  • If you are involved in an accident, it is important that you take photographs of the damaged vehicles and the area.  The gathering of third-party information such as name(s), contact info, vehicle registration number(s), make and model of vehicle(s), insurer(s), witnesses, injured parties, etc. is also vital and will also be required. 
  • Visit our website at and download our Key Protector Motor Insurance Claims form.
  • Complete form and submit via email to [email protected]
  • As far as possible claim forms should be accompanied by copies/pictures of the following:
    • Photograph of driver’s license or permit relevant to the date of the accident.
    • Estimate for Repairs
    • Photos of the damaged vehicle/property
    • Bank account details