The Sagicor Renewable Energy Fund is the one for you

Are you dissatisfied with current returns on traditional investments? Finding difficulty in identifying new, innovative growth opportunities? Do you consider yourself an environmentally and socially conscious individual? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then we have a solution for you.

Sagicor Asset Management Inc. has added the Sagicor Special Opportunity Funds - Renewable Energy Fund to its suite of investment funds, providing you with an opportunity to pursue investments in non-traditional areas with significant growth potential.

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Download our Renewable Energy Fund Brochure or Contact the Sagicor Asset Management Inc team at (246) 467-7616 or email [email protected].


Investing for the Environmentally and Socially Conscious

The fund focuses on green investments with an emphasis on renewable energy as well as other socially responsible investment opportunities, which are typically dominated by privately held interests.



For quite some time, financial markets have been characterized by excess liquidity, as evident by the high levels of excess cash reserves in the Commercial Banks. This is due to the limited availability of domestic investments and scarcity of opportunities with attractive returns.

This Fund provides individuals with an avenue to invest excess capital with a view to realizing returns in the medium to long-term, making this a suitable investment for those with higher risk tolerance and longer-time horizons.


Sagicor Asset Management Inc. is arguably the leading fund manager with a significant presence in the mutual fund industry. It has delivered consistent competitive returns to its investors across its existing investment vehicles, maintaining a competitive advantage through its time-tested brand and its breadth of investment management experience.

Sagicor boasts of management of the two oldest funds in Barbados, which provide investment options for registered pension plans. The Sagicor (Bonds) Fund and the Sagicor (Equity) Fund were launched back in 1969 and represent the largest investment schemes in Barbados.

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