Vehicle Care Tips – Dealing With Volcanic Ash

Posted April 12, 2021

During this uncertain time, we appreciate that you may have several concerns as it relates to the protection of your property and possessions, and as such, we wish to provide you with the following tips relative to preserving the safety of yourselves, family and valued possessions.  

 Tips For Vehicle Care:

  1. Avoid driving wherever possible 

    Ashy conditions reduce visibility. Volcanic ash also makes roads slippery and when wet, turns into a mud-like substance that can also be dangerous to drive on.  

    If driving is absolutely necessary, drive slowly and carefully and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. Utilize your headlights to increase visibility and alert other motorists of your presence.  
  2. Do not wipe ash off the body of your vehicle

    Volcanic ash is abrasive as is it made up of broken rock and glass. Wiping your vehicle with a cloth to remove the ash could result in damage to your vehicle’s exterior. Instead, use a hose (or pressure washer if available) to remove the ash from your vehicle.  

  3. Avoid using your windshield wipers without washer fluid

    Using wipers in ashy conditions could result in scratches to your windshield. If driving is necessary, ensure that your windshield washer nozzles are not blocked and fully drench the windshield with washer fluid before turning on the wiper blades.   

  4. Do not run your A/C system while driving 

    If driving is necessary, utilize the recycled air option instead of the cooling/heating features of your A/C system. The latter will likely cause ash to be sucked into the vehicle and create build up in the internal components and potentially cause harmful damage to the vehicle and its occupants.  

  5. Book a service for your vehicle 

    Especially if you have been driving during ashy conditions, your vehicle will have accumulated a lot of ash within several of its internal components, which can cause damage to your vehicle over time. Book a vehicle service to ensure that this build up is removed and that all filters and fluids are left ash free.  

Please continue to stay safe during this time. Stay indoors and away from the ash as much as possible. Connect with us via our social media pages for more updates.

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