Global Care

BY De-Ann Smith Posted November 05, 2019 In Health Insurance
Give your family the best protection money can buy – that is – freedom to choose any medical doctor worldwide! Relax knowing you have coverage wherever you go with Sagicor’s Global Care Series. Yes, we mean wherever you go. No distance is too far when it comes to receiving the best medical care. 

Global Care Series? What’s that?
agicor’s Global Care Series is a health insurance plan that gives you access to international health care in over 200 countries and more than 423,000 physicians. The Global Care Series has 3 flexible plan options, numerous benefits and includes coverage to your spouse and children.  

Why Global Care?
Extensive medical coverage
Maternity coverage
Emergency ambulance/air transportation benefits
Vision care options
Mental health coverage
Repatriation of mortal remains
Transplant procedures
Emergency travel assistance programme

Who Should Get Global Care?

International health care shouldn’t be a privilege, it should be accessible to all. Sagicor’s Global Care Series aims to ensure you get access to the right type of medical expertise you need. Below are a few persons who should especially consider this option:
Parents of college- aged children
Entities with international ties
Partnership Firms
Avid travellers
Travelling employee

How do I learn more or sign up?

Sign up or learn more about our Global Care series by clicking here or calling one of our financial advisors at 467-7500.