Learn about the many ways you can stay safe while doing all your business online with Sagicor.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought an unprecedented shift to the way companies do business. At Sagicor, it has allowed us to laser in on our clients and bring innovative solutions that enhance doing business with us online. In an effort to keep our clients and team members safe, we have have provided easy and convenient options to make electronic payments and claims plus safe, contact-less methods to connect with us online. We are just a click away.

payment options

Online Payments

Pay your life, health, motor, home and general insurance premiums online as well as mortgage payments using our Sagicor GO mobile app or client portal with your credit card, VISA or Mastercard debit card. Additionally you can make payments using your online banking facility to your Sagicor policies. 

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eConnect Powered by Sagicor

eConnect - Virtual Client Experience

Enjoy safe, convenient customer service from the comfort of your home with eConnect - Sagicor's new Virtual Client Experience Platform.

eConnect is an online service that let's you talk to a customer service representative from just about anywhere using Zoom. You can talk to us about life insurance, health insurance, retirement solutions and investments. 



Message us on WhatsApp


Meet SIA - Sagicor's Intelligent Assistant. She's available whenever you need her on Sagicor's WhatsApp channel. You can chat 24/7. Just add 1 (246) 467-7243 to your contacts.

Need to make a claim? Need a quote? Ready to make that switch? Follow her prompts as she asks you a few questions and she will send what you need to your email or an agent! You can also ask about her about products, latest offers, the nearest Sagicor location and so much more!

Remember, you’re safe with SIA. She can only access the information you provide within WhatsApp. She would never ask for private information such as passwords or credit card information.

Need help? Say "Hi" to SIA.

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Online Claims

Make use of our fully automated CariCare card claim settlement solution. This solution offered along with our partners in health and medical care services will allow for immediate claim settlement. If your medical provider does not accept the CariCare card, you can  submit a claim electronically by scanning or taking a photo of your claim form and emailing it to [email protected]Send us your banking details and receive refunds directly to your bank account. 

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