Sagicor paints a new face on Fond Assau Primary School

April 22, 2021

The Fond Assau Primary School was all prepped and clean for the re-opening of schools with the help of the Sagicor Life team who volunteered to paint a few  rooms prior to the start of classes on April 19, 2021. The team also presented electronic devices to the principal which will go along way to ensuring that as many students as possible have options to access their classes.

The group gave a new coat of paint to the Principal's Office and the Staff Room on the weekend of April 10th. Additionally, on the Sunday before classes started, Eco Solutions Limited which provides cleaning services to Sagicor’s offices, also volunteered their time to clean parts of the building.

Eon Phillips, Assistant Vice President, Insurance Operations; Principal Representative and Branch Manager for Sagicor Life (Eastern Caribbean) Inc. (SLECI), in St Lucia had this to say about the initiative, “This is the first of many similar projects that our Sagicor Life team will be undertaking in the more rural parts of the island. Our objective is to support these communities in whatever way we can - whether by the repainting of schools, enhancing bus shelters or planting trees - we will help in whatever way we can to improve the lives of the communities which we serve. Living our vision out loud is part of our 2021 mandate here at the Saint Lucia office.” 

Fond Assau Primary School is located in the community of Babonneau, Castries, about 30 mins from the company’s head office at Choc Estate. Mr. Phillips indicated that the company decided to support after Sagicor Advisor, Pius Auguste mentioned that part of the school required a much-needed paint job.  

Mrs. Sanddy Louisy, Principal for the school was very grateful to Sagicor for the paint job and the clean-up work as it was very much needed given the long-term closure of schools as a result of the pandemic. 

Mr. Phillips expressed his thanks to the team members who came out to do the work and to Eco Solutions for their support. “This pandemic has demonstrated to all of us that teamwork is one of the strongest contributors to success.  We’re grateful to Eco-Solutions for partnering with us on this. Sagicor has identified several projects in rural communities as one of their key community initiatives for 2021, so this is the first of many.