Sagicor General focuses on female drivers with online webinars, workshops

August 25, 2021

Sagicor General Insurance Inc is placing women at the forefront and in the driver’s seat with their recently-launched “Woman Strong” campaign.

Over the next two months the leading general insurer will be focusing on females who drive, with initiatives that educate on safe driving techniques and general motor vehicle knowledge. Anyone who attends these activities will be able to access Sagicor General’s competitive motor vehicle insurance options  for anyone who owns a motor vehicle, and this includes cars, SUVs, pick-ups and trucks. 

The programme of activities will kick off on Thursday 26th August 2021 with an evening webinar on Safe Driving Techniques that starts at 6:00 pm. Links to register are easily available via Sagicor General’s social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

At the webinar, attendees will hear from Renee Edwards-Ambrose,  a skilled and experienced drag racer from Antigua, and the founder of the Caribbean’s first all-female drag racing team – Lady Horsepower Farm. Via the Lady Horsepower Farm, Renee also facilitates one of the team’s leading initiatives, the LadyMex Workshop. Many of the topics discussed at the LadyMex (Lady Mechanics) Workshop such as  mechanics and what to do in the event of an emergency will be introduced during the webinar  and will also be discussed in greater detail at Sagicor General’s hosted series ‘The Lady’s Basic Essential Guide to Knowing Her Car’ which will run for four weeks starting from September 23rd.

Deborah Raoul, Assistant Manager, for Sagicor General’s Insurance Operations in the Eastern Caribbean said, “Sagicor General is partnering with women like Renee Edwards-Ambrose in Antigua, because we support the empowerment of women drivers. Additionally activities such as these help us all to become more knowledgeable drivers which leads to less tragic incidents on the road. The fact is that women drivers are safe drivers and the activities that we are hosting will help demystify mechanics for all of those women who are competent on the road, but who may still need that confidence to have satisfying conversations about the mechanics of their vehicles with service providers and others.” 

“We are grateful to all the women who have been involved in helping us put this programme together, especially to Renee, who has been very gracious with her support. We’re really excited about the information that we have to share and we’re hopeful that all women drivers in the Caribbean will take the time to join us online as we are confident that the programme will be of benefit. Just search for Sagicor General on all social media platforms to get the link to register.”

About the initiative, Renee Edwards-Ambrose said, “This partnership between LadyMex and Sagicor is really important because I think that having a platform to empower and educate is what we need going forward and that’s what Sagicor is all about; empowering and educating persons not only about insurance but also giving them a platform to be better versions of themselves.” 

Persons who are interested can click here to go straight to the registration link: Sagicor Safe Driving Women Strong Webinar

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