Sagicor General donates to Lions Club

June 10, 2021

Recently, the Sagicor General team responded to a request for support from the Castries Lions Club, by providing $1,000 to support the construction of a wheelchair ramp at Active Hill.

Mr. Leo Emmanuel, President of the Lions Club gave some background to the project, “As part of our on-going partnership with the St Lucia Cerebral Palsy Association, the Health Services Committee of the Club is working on building wheelchair ramps for persons living with Cerebral Palsy in and around the Castries area. We visited five locations and concluded that only the locations at Active Hill and Bexon were feasible at this time. We are thankful that Sagicor General has agree to assist us, by covering the cost of construction for the ramp in Active Hill.”

Deborah Raoul, who is the Assistant Manager – EC Operations for Sagicor General said, “We’re delighted to once again partner with the Castries Lions Club in support of their work in the community. Projects like these seem small, but they have great impact in the lives of the people who need this type of accessibility to lead independent lives. Sagicor’s commitment is to positively impact the lives of the persons in the communities in which we do business in small and large ways, and this was one request to which we could not say no.”

SAGICOR GENERAL DONATES TO THE CASTRIES LIONS CLUB: From left: Leo Emmanuel, President of the Castries Lions Club shares a moment with Deborah Raoul, Assistant Manager, EC Operations, Sagicor General at the cheque handover to support construction of a wheelchair ramp in Active Hill.