What is my risk tolerance? -Results


Can you live with the risk that your investments may temporarily decline in value at some point in time? Your tolerance for risk and volatility are part of your personality. If you are a conservative person or a person with limited funds, you may choose to invest with a different strategy than a person who likes risk or someone who has a lot of excess cash to spend

Global Balanced Fund- Sagicor

The Sagicor Global Balanced Fund is the first Barbados based global fund, offering investors the opportunity to invest in international, regional and local securities. The objective of the Fund is to achieve income and long-term capital appreciation through investment in a diversified portfolio of shares, stocks and bonds listed on the main Caribbean and international stock exchanges.

Preferred Income Fund- Sagicor

The Preferred Income Fund is a mix of regional and international fixed income securities and preferred shares. The diversity of the holdings ensures security, while the regional and global opportunities give it the potential for higher returns. The Fund seeks to achieve a high level of current income and preservation of capital through investments in a diversified portfolio of bonds, debt securities, asset backed securities, high-income funds and selected equities.

Sagicor Renewable Energy Fund- Sagicor

Sagicor Asset Management Inc. has added the Sagicor Special Opportunity Funds - Renewable Energy Fund to its suite of investment funds, providing you with an opportunity to pursue investments in non-traditional areas with significant growth potential. This Fund provides individuals with an avenue to invest excess capital with a view to realizing returns in the medium to long-term, making this a suitable investment for those with higher risk tolerance and longer-time horizons.

Select Growth Fund- Sagicor

The Select Growth Fund is suitable for investors who are seeking long-term growth but are concerned about moderating the risk associated with being invested in stocks at all times. They are also seeking to diversify their portfolio and are willing to accept a higher degree of short-term risk and a moderate degree of price fluctuation. Seeking to achieve an above average total return over the long term, the objective of the Fund is to be consistent with the preservation of capital through investments. This is primarily in a diversified portfolio of other mutual funds with growth strategies and other select securities