Our Priority Areas and Objectives

Our Priority Areas exist to guide our corporate giving and further establish us as a socially responsible brand through the below pillars. In addition, you can also DOWNLOAD OUR CSR REPORT  or WATCH OUR CSR VIDEO to learn more.



We will support education at all levels of the educational system. At the primary level, we will continue to focus our efforts on upgrading and improving the physical infrastructure of our chosen schools in communities across our territories. We will empower our students through scholarships and grants to assist with tuition fees and
other educational-related costs.



We will donate equipment and supplies to a variety of health institutions while also contributing significantly to sustainable projects that have health as a priority on their
agenda. We will also focus on the health challenges that particularly impact those in our operating territories.


Community and Youth Development:


Our goal is to uplift communities by improving quality of life through focused donations, programmes, projects and initiatives that enrich and improve. We will assist in enabling supportive and positive environments for our young people and propel them towards establishing bright futures.



We aim to support the development of sport through sponsorship of various sporting activities particularly those that feature youth. This includes track meets and athletic
championships that aim to assist in launching the talent of athletes across the territories in which we operate.