Dealing with life’s challenges, whether personal or financial can be overwhelming. To ensure a comfortable and secure future for you and your family, there are many factors to consider: Interest rate variations; provision for children’s education; retirement planning or simply saving for the future.
What is Endowment Insurance?
An endowment insurance policy is for a specified period, during which it accumulates a cash value. In addition, the policy also guarantees a lump sum paid to the policyholder, if living, on the maturity date or to a beneficiary if the insured dies before that date.

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Endowment to age 65 helps you to protect your financial future and allows you to:

  • Accumulate cash values for future cash requirements such as liquidating mortgage payments, the cost of education, wealth accumulation or even supplementing retirement income.
  • Ensure that in the event of death, your family’s needs are taken care of and expenses or debts can be settled.
  • Accomplish a specific financial goal to be met a maturity