What is Golfer's All Risk Insurance?

An all-in-one policy that can provide cover for your equipment and any liability to others you may incur while golfing:

What’s covered:


  • A financial benefit should you hole out in one shot  
  • Accidental loss or damage to golfing equipment whilst either in transit to or from the golf club or whilst at any golf club on the island
  • Loss of personal belonging in the club house due to fire or theft
  • Financial compensation if, due to some violent accidental external and visible means while on a golf course suffer from:
    • A temporary totally disabled
    • Loss of sight from one or both eyes
    • severance of a limb
    • an injury that results in your death  
  • All sums you are liable for resulting from accidental bodily injury to another person or damage to their property that occur while you are playing golf anywhere in the island.