"Speed, Safety and Convenience”, the goal of Sagicor’s new Drive-Thru Service

March 18, 2021

Sagicor continues to add to its list of convenient options for clients to conduct their business with the insurance and financial institution. 

The company recently launched a new and innovative, “Drive-Thru” service at its Collymore Rock complex, affording clients the opportunity to “pull-up and pay” and complete various transactions without the need to leave the comfort and safety of their vehicle. 

Paul Inniss, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Sagicor Life Inc, said the introduction of this option had been on the cards for some time and the company is excited to finally bring it to market.

“We had been exploring the use of this system for a number of months, however, the re-introduction of strict COVID-19 protocols and restrictions on movement and physical operations towards the end of 2020 and particularly in January of this year, put a halt to those plans”, said Inniss. “With businesses now being given permission to re-open on a phased basis, we wanted to provide as many safe options as possible, to preserve the health and safety of our clients and our valued team members.”

For the remainder of the month of March  in the first instance, clients will be able to use this service to make payments, thereby reducing the amount of foot traffic into the branch, which has been the goal of every customer focused initiative introduced by the company since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As it relates to the projected use of the service, Inniss expressed confidence that this option would be appealing to a specific, but large group of individuals. “We all have time constraints, and this will go a long way towards helping our clients and individuals with disabilities or physical ailments; along with senior citizens, who are expected to be the main users of this service” he said. “It also makes life easier for individuals who are responsible for helping their parents or grandparents carry out their business, as it allows them to have the latter present, without having to help them in and out of the vehicle, or up and down stairs.” 

The “Drive-Thru” service follows the introduction of several other alternative channels through which clients can conduct business with us”, said Inniss. Sagicor also rolled out upgrades to its Sagicor Go mobile app, as well as launched WhatsApp for Business, both of which allows clients to virtually request quotes, submit claims and have their queries answered. 


Pull up and Pay! Sagicor recently debuted their drive-thru payment service. Here, Sagicor CSR Deborah Bowen (left) shows appreciation to customer Nkwa Daniel for being the first customer to use the service.