Sagicor Launches Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding the Claims Process

August 29, 2022

Sagicor General   Insurance Inc (SGI) has developed a comprehensive step-by-step guide to assist their valued customers in submitting claims.

“Immediately  after  an accident has  occurred most  individuals tend  to  be  angry,  nervous  or concerned, especially if there is significant damage to their vehicle or other individuals’ property, not to mention the possibility of serious injuries. Individuals will often ask themselves, what do I do now?”, said Leo Watson, Sagicor General Insurance (SGI) Inc’s Claims Manager – Barbados & The Eastern Caribbean.

“We’ve introduced the Claims Card for that very reason; providing an easily accessible and simple to follow, 5-step guide detailing who a policyholder should call immediately following an accident; the process for reporting their claim; how to submit the claim; along with what support is available to them after the claim has been submitted”, explained Watson.

The purposefully designed card can be accessed by visiting or the motor insurance section of the Sagicor Barbados website, making it easily accessible from a mobile device while at the accident scene. 

Watson further made  the  point that  one  of  the  primary  purposes  of this  tool,  is  to  equip policyholders with the information necessary to help them understand the claims process and the documentation requirements for the accurate and speedy settlement of their claim. “Accidents are never  desirable,  and  it is our  role  to assist  our  policyholders  through  the  process.  This tool  is meant  to  guide  our  clients through  the  process  by ensuring  they  are  aware  of  any required elements or information and to illustrate the support we offer. Most importantly, the guide will help them to understand what goes into the process and the various activities that need to take place to assist them in claims settlement.

”For  more information on  understanding  the  claims  process,  Watson urged  individuals  to  reach out to the company’s team of knowledgeable representatives using one of the many options, such as     dialing     431-2800,     sending     a     WhatsApp     message     to     467-7243,     emailing [email protected]:, or connecting via SGI’s Instagram and Facebook pages.