Sagicor debuts new regional show “The Blue Table”

March 17, 2022
Financial wellness with a difference.

This is what Sagicor is delivering with their new online show, “The Blue Table”, which debuted on the company’s social media channels on Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok on Thursday, March 17. The regional show, hosted by Sagicor’s Social Communications and Group CSR Officer, Jade Payne, seeks to make finance and insurance easy and simple to understand for the average individual. 

Viewers will be treated to short, weekly episodes intended to help build good financial habits. Regular segments will include “The Link Up”, featuring the viewpoint of in-house financial experts, along with guests who are specialists in their field; “Make it Make Cents”, a segment with trivia and other engaging interactions around finance, and round table discussions, where individuals of varying backgrounds share their personal stories, perspectives and learnings around finance and insurance. 

Sagicor’s Vice President, Group Marketing, Communications and Brand Experience, Ingrid Card shared her perspective on the purpose for the show and inspiration behind the name. “The idea for the show came about when the pandemic showed how important it is to have savings for ‘a rainy day’. We know that Millennials and Gen Zs usually don’t think of long-term financial planning until much later in life and the pandemic showed that we have to be prepared for any eventuality.  As such, we needed a forum to talk to them about financial wellness in a way that is educational and informative while fun at the same time.  That is how the Blue Table was born.”

She added: “The name Blue Table came from blue representing Sagicor’s brand color, but blue also represents freedom, peace and serenity, and then for us the table is where people gather with friends and family and that’s how we want people to feel when they watch the show – as if it’s friends coming together to have a conversation in a fun and interesting way”. 

Card shared these and other details during the pilot episode, where she also spoke to Sagicor’s overall community response during the pandemic, gave viewers her personal tips for financial wellness, in addition to participating in a rapid-fire game called “This or That”, which had a Caribbean theme. Episode 1 ends with a non-traditional twist on budgeting, investing and insurance solutions, which viewers can also weigh in on. Future episodes will focus on topics such as retirement, the psychology of finance, various types of insurance and several others. Episodes can be viewed on all social channels via the handle @sagicorbluetable. Viewers are encouraged to give their feedback as well as suggest topics for the show.