Sagicor Commences Partnership with Healthier Nation Initiative

December 02, 2020

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – Sagicor continues to show its commitment towards improving the health of its clients and the wider public with the announcement of its latest partnership with the Healthier Nation Initiative (HNI).

Medical insurance clients of the leading insurance company will now be able to benefit from discounts on a wide range of health and wellness services from companies who have joined the HNI network to take part in this programme. Discounts of up to 10 per cent will be available to Sagicor’s Medical Insurance policyholders, who simply need to present their CariCARE card, which will carry an official HNI sticker, at participating partners.

Speaking on the partnership, Vice President – Group Life & Health Insurance, Mrs. Susan Boyea, said the initiative fits with Sagicor’s overarching goal to improve the long-term health of its clients, by encouraging them to integrate healthier practices into their daily lives.

“As a health insurance provider, we see first-hand the impact that illnesses and medical conditions have on our society and the economy. Each year we witness a rise in the reported cases of non-communicable diseases and other crippling conditions, many of which can be better managed, if not avoided by a greater adherence to healthier living practices”, said Boyea.

“We talk quite a bit about making better health choices, whether this relates to what we eat, the supplements we take, or the physical activity we engage in. The fact remains however, that for many individuals, the costs associated with these changes in behaviour can sometimes be discouraging. This initiative therefore seeks to make these choices more appealing to a wider group of individuals, by making healthy products sold in supermarkets and other establishments, along with services such as gym memberships more affordable”, she explained.

HNI was established to increase the health and wellness of Barbadians by making access to healthcare and healthy lifestyle practices more affordable. HNI’s CEO and Chief Strategist, Sheldon Jones, spoke on the initiative and its goals, saying “the project was formed as a way to encourage Barbadians to eat, live and be healthier in a more affordable manner than was available to them before access to the HNI card.”

With regard to the motivation for the project, he said, “the HNI team believes in a wholistic and accessible approach to health and wellness. A limiting factor for so many persons to commit to a healthier lifestyle is the higher cost and our aim is to alleviate that challenge for as many individuals as possible. We are very proud and would like to commend the companies that support the HNI idea and ethos and are willing to give back to the Barbadian public in these uncertain times where health is an even greater priority. We are excited that a leading and innovative organisation like Sagicor has chosen to partner with us on this endeavour in order to help bring health, wellness and savings to everyone on this island.”