Sagicor Chooses to Salute Women Overcoming Today's Challenges

March 11, 2021

Building a career and managing the responsibilities of family life has always been a balancing act. However, the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased its’ complexity exponentially.

It is for this reason that on International Women’s Day this year, celebrated on Monday, March 8th, Sagicor paid tribute to women who continue to showcase their mental and emotional strength during this difficult time. 

The leading insurance and financial institution presented tokens of recognition and appreciation to a group of female clients, each of whom were identified for exhibiting an ability and commitment to maintaining the highest standard of work within their profession, whilst having to give much more of their time to the responsibilities of family life, given the impact of the pandemic. 

“Even before the pandemic, women have always taken on the responsibility for the management of both childcare and eldercare. Now, with no access to external care facilities, their responsibilities have doubled”, said Sagicor’s Executive Vice President – Human Resources, Mrs. Marguerite Estwick. 

“Many female Sagicor executives, are managing their careers while taking care of their families at home. As such, we empathize with the pressures that all women are under as they navigate today’s unprecedented challenges. We wanted to say, “we understand your challenges, we see your struggles and we salute you for the tremendous job you do every day”, she added. 

Internally, the company invited Leadership Coach and Author, Sonia Layne-Gartside, to speak on ‘gender bias, managing anxiety and becoming the narrator of your own story’, during a webinar to mark the occasion.

Commenting on this year’s International Women’s Day theme “Choose to Challenge”, Mrs. Estwick challenged the business community to consider the disproportionate impact that the pandemic has had on their female workforce.  “As schools remain closed, a much higher number of women as compared to men have had to give up their jobs to take care of young children or have borne a dispropionate share of the responsibility for the supervision of virtual learning.  Flexible work arrangements should be considered wherever possible and a national dialogue on perceptions of gender-based roles in our modern society is essential.  Greater equality in the sharing of the family responsibilities, in career opportunities for women, equality in compensation; and in how our societies value and care for the health and safety of women will support strong families and build stronger societies.”

Global statistics indicate that four times as many women have dropped out of the labour force due to the impact of the pandemic. This has meant that female participation has dropped to 57%, the lowest level recorded since 1988. 

Wanda Alleyne:
The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most challenging periods for those providing medical and eldercare, a challenge that Wanda Alleyne has become very familiar with.

Kimberley Angoy: 
Running a successful business during a pandemic is a challenge that Kimberly Angoy never once foresaw, however, through adaption and innovation, this young entrepreneur has continued to achieve. 


Dominique Barker: 
Like many women across Barbados, Dominique Barker has been thrust into the role of Primary School teacher for her two children.