Irving Wilson’s Autism Department receives supply support from Sagicor

May 10, 2022

Bridgetown, Barbados: Students and teachers of the Irving Wilson’s Autism Department have received a much-welcomed boost to their educational environment thanks to a recent donation from leading insurance and financial solutions provider, Sagicor.

In recognition of Autism Awareness Month, celebrated globally throughout April, and World Autism Awareness Day, celebrated on Saturday, April 2nd, the company donated approximately $3,000 worth of educational and general supplies to the Autistic Department to bolster the strength and capacity of its programme, and assist with the learning and development of the 42 students currently enrolled, as well as their Independent Living Programme.

Executive Vice President and General Manager of Sagicor Life (Barbados) Inc, Paul Inniss, said the donation showcases Sagicor’s commitment to improving the lives of those affected by this condition, through providing them with the tools and skills to live as normal a life as possible, along with promoting the need for increased awareness of autism and the acceptance of persons with autism persons by all Barbadians.

“The rate of autism in all regions across the world is high and the lack of understanding has a tremendous impact on those affected, along with their families”, said Inniss. “The stigmatization and discrimination associated with neurological differences remain substantial obstacles to diagnosis and therapies. Appropriate support, accommodation and acceptance of this neurological variation would allow those on the spectrum to enjoy equal opportunity, and full and effective participation in society.”

Ms. Armed Alleyne, Principal of the Irving Wilson School, which is located on Pine Plantation Road, St. Michael and caters to autistic, visually and hearing-impaired youth, said the acceptance of persons with autism, like acceptance of pretty much all people, involves moving past surface impressions. “It involves trying to understand them, trying to know who they are, along with what drives and moves them. A large part of that is achieved through engaging with these individuals in ways that expose them to skills and knowledge that can be incorporated into their daily lives, as well as equipping them to provide for themselves in the future. Donations such as this one from Sagicor, therefore go a long way towards assisting educators with executing their educational and developmental programmes, which are focused on giving the students the best chance at a normal life after graduating from the institution.”

The donation follows one made to the school at the end of last year, when Sagicor donated a weed trimmer to assist with the upkeep of their on-site garden, which was started as a way to teach the students about agriculture, as well as the business elements that go along with it.


Teaching supplies, educational and fun games, along with general items for storage, cleaning and other activities undertaken by the students and teachers of the Autism Department were among the approximately $3,000 donation to the Irving Wilson School.