Sagicor Drive is a safe-driving program that rewards safe driving with badges, vouchers, and a discount when you renew your policy. This program provides drivers with an entertaining and interactive way to improve their driving with personalized real-time feedback on their driving habits as they aim for high scores. With Sagicor Drive, it pays to play it safe.

There are no penalties associated with Sagicor Drive. Participating in Sagicor Drive cannot result in your insurance being canceled, your premium being increased, or restrictions placed on your policy.

You can voluntarily opt out of the program by choosing the “Delete My Account” option in the Settings section of the Sagicor Drive app.

Sagicor Drive is a feature within the SagicorGo App. To participate in this program, you must download SagicorGo, register, and activate Sagicor Drive. Sagicor Drive can only be used when downloaded from within SagicorGo. Once activated, Sagicor Drive will automatically assess factors related to your driving to score your driving and calculate your discount. The factors assessed are, the time of day you drive, speed, sudden changes in speed (hard braking and rapid accelerations), unsafe turning, and your mobile phone usage while driving.

No, Sagicor cannot use the information to deny claims.

For Sagicor Drive to function accurately, the following settings and permissions are required:

  • Background App Refresh/ App Running: This setting allows the app to log your driving history while it's running in the background on your phone.
  • Location:

This setting allows the app to use your phone’s GPS sensor to detect and log your location and sense motion.

  • Data:

    The app uses your phone’s data to enhance the accuracy of detecting your location.

  • Battery Saver Mode:

For the app to effectively function, battery/ power saver mode must be disabled.

Sagicor Drive is available to all Sagicor General’s private motor policyholders and drivers listed and authorized on these policies.

Sagicor Drive will run in the background and as such require minimal power consumption and data. On average, the app uses approximately 13% of your battery life over 10 days and 169MB of data per week.

Yes, we would love to hear from you. Please use the “report an issue” option provided under the Settings menu in the app to send us a message.

Sagicor Drive will detect movement of a certain speed and distance to identify when a trip starts.

Sagicor Drive will use the information collected in the following ways:

(a) To rate your driving to then generate a driving score

(b) To calculate your discount

(c) To calculate your monthly reward points

(d) To generate driving tips

(e) To assess if you've won a badge or a monthly challenge

(f) Show you your trip path

Your driving score is a value aggregated across your trips and is derived from six driving behaviors that the grey line, to identify it differently from the accurately recorded portion of the map which is normally displayed as a blue line.

Your data is securely stored in a private environment hosted on AWS. We have restricted access to your data to the Sagicor Drive administrative team as well as the app’s development team.


For the complete details on our privacy policy, please refer to BB/Privacy-Policy

Yes, Sagicor Drive will work as is, if you continue to have data plan access in that country. These trips, however, will automatically log your trip status as “Passenger” and will not contribute to your driving score and discount.

Sagicor will not track your location. Sagicor Drive uses your phone’s GPS and location to determine your speed and driving habits such as hard braking. This initiative focuses solely on issuing rewards for good driving not on tracking. Access to driving habits data is reserved strictly for the Sagicor Drive administrative team as well as the app’s development team.