Learn how Sagicor can offer you competitive retirement solutions for your business.

Our value proposition is detailed below with responses to three questions we asked ourselves.

What do we do? 
Provide living benefit solutions for financial security with respect to savings and retirement income using saving and pension plans via

 - Services
 - Expert advise
 - Education 
 - Occupational Pension Plans (Design, set-up and keep records)
 - Saving Plans for groups
 - Growth of money (Investments)
 - Pension Plan financial health checks (Actuarial)
 - Guaranteed income streams (Annuities)

How do we do it?
Carefully listening to understand needs and finding suitable solutions 
Being flexible
With passion and excellence
In partnership with you

Why do we do it?
To improve the quality of life of the participants

Group Retirement Solutions

We can get your employees on the road to retirement.

Segregated Pension Fund

Barbadians that stick together, win together. This fund allows you to “pool” your money with others, in a tax-exempt vehicle that provides a well-diversified array of investments; lowering risk while increasing your chances for a comfortable retirement.