Set Yourself Up for Success In 2020

BY De-Ann Smith Posted January 17, 2020

Even if you aren’t a big fan of new year resolutions, the idea of a new year tends to bring out the best in us. New perspectives, new challenges, and the possibilities of a fresh start are usually top of mind. Starting fresh in the new year is synonymous to starting at the beginning of the week or starting on the hour. What we can all agree on however, is that we all want to be successful throughout the year. Whatever success means to you, in what ever capacity, it’s usually the ultimate goal.

How do you set yourself up for success in 2020?
Here are a few ways to get started:

Invest in yourself
Investing doesn’t have to involve money. Trust yourself, take an online course, go to the library, network, get up and just do it! If you need help, invest in a coach or mentor. Investing in self builds confidence and shows the world that you see your own value. 

Benefit from the fresh start feeling
Ride the wave! Use that new year excitement for as long as it lasts. That fresh motivation can be a catalyst to jump-start your journey or make another leap on your road to success! 

Prepare for the motivational slump
We all go through slumps where we feel demotivated. Things may not be going the way we intended to or we may have hit a road block. Don’t give up! Keep pushing through, you will find the motivation again.

Create an action plan
An action plan helps you to stay focused when the fresh start feeling has you on a high and when the motivational slump has you on a low. Action plans keep you consistent whether or not you are in the mood to keep journeying to success. Creating a plan which includes an effective schedule and a practical timeline will definitely keep you on track.

Quality over quantity
Of course we want our businesses to be booming and we’re definitely out here trying to live our best lives, but the day we plant the seed isn’t the day we reap the fruit! Good things take time. Don’t look at how fast others have achieved, create a good foundation. 

Let’s take the journey with you. We at Sagicor can’t wait to hear your success stories!


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