3 Things To Do NOW Before A Storm Hits


Are you prepared? The hurricane season has started, so it’s important that we get ourselves, family and homes prepared for the unexpected. We’ve been experiencing bad weather across the region in the past week with lots of rain showers and some thunderstorms. Don’t wait until a storm hits. Here are 3 important things to do NOW

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Be Storm Ready


This weekend, some of us across the region are preparing for a storm that reports say could possibly develop into a hurricane. As the storm progresses, we encourage you to stay locked to your local news via radio, television or social media to receive accurate and reliable updates. 

5 Ways to Prepare for the Storm Now! 


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Driving Safely In The Rain


It’s the rainy season! We’ve already been experiencing some bad weather across the region. Below are some tips for driving in the rain as well as some general driving tips to keep us safe while on the road.

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Tips to Manage Your Money


If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that we need to get on top of our finances. Do you find it tough to stick to a personal budget? Are you able to pay your bills, but find it difficult to set aside money?

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What's Next ?


Covid-19 put a halt to some of our plans but we’re all slowly trying to get back on track. What’s Your next step? That’s the question for many of us.

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World Environment Day


Understanding the environment and the science behind how living organisms contribute positively or negatively to its health can be intimidating. What we can’t ignore, is the reality of climate change especially in the Caribbean region, with the increased activity during hurricane season. Within the hurricane season itself, if we are not taking care of our environment, we risk flooding at higher rates.

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