In April 2001, the Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Society, now Sagicor Life lnc, established a registered Unit Trust in the Eastern Caribbean, namely, the Mutual (Eastern Caribbean) Fund, now Sagicor International Balanced Fund. Investment in this Unit Trust is restricted to Eastern Caribbean registered Pension Plans, giving the Unit Trust tax exempt status in most territories. The assets of the Unit Trust are held apart from Sagicor’s general life Fund. 
Under this policy, Sagicor offers investment management and administration services to Pension Funds registered in the Eastern Caribbean. Investment management is provided by allowing investment in the diversified portfolio of securities held by the Fund. 
Administration services include design of plans, computerized record keeping, payment of pension and other benefits and optional provision of actuarial advice. Actuarial advice is provided through our resident actuary, Sylvain Goulet, FSA, FCIA,MAAA, Affiliate Member of the (British) Institute of Actuaries.
At present, Sagicor manages funds exceeding US$40M, invested on behalf of almost 73 companies in the Eastern Caribbean.

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