Sagicor wishes Happy Mother’s Day to all moms

May 09, 2022

One lucky mom was the focus of attention this Mother’s Day weekend when regional insurer Sagicor did a glam makeover video session for her. Summer Mc Ewen had her makeup done by makeup artiste Melissa Glodon, an outfit supplied by Phierce Plus in Barataria, and received vouchers for dinner at Hyatt in Port of Spain.

Mc Ewen, who is a Sagicor client, said, “I can't begin to tell you how much fun I had this (Saturday) afternoon. Thanks for choosing me.” While having her makeup done, Mc Ewen chatted with her advisor Amanda Riley, from the Camille Sinanan branch, about what motherhood means to her.

Keisha Humphrey-Mayers, manager, communications and group CSR, Sagicor Life Inc, said, “As a mother myself, I understand how challenging it can be, whether you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home mom. There’s a lot of unrecognised work that women do, since they fulfil so many different roles hour by hour. So, mothers often put their needs last. Sagicor wanted to give mothers an opportunity to do something that they wouldn’t consider for themselves, which led us to the makeover opportunity. Look out on social media for the fun video that we’re putting together with the activity that took place in a couple of our other territories.”

As well as this makeover session, Sagicor also engaged with moms in its Port of Spain customer service area on Thursday, May 5, by donating tickets purchased from Kids In Need of Direction, a non-profit organisation that supports children in the Laventille community. The NGO hosted a lunch fundraiser on Friday, May 6, as they wish to expand their mental health programme in the community, and Sagicor was pleased to support. 


Sagicor advisor Daniella Loreilhe, right, from the Christopher Gouveia branch, presents Kay Ann Diaz with roses and two tickets at Sagicor’s customer service