Sagicor Supports Lifeline

November 15, 2021

Lifeline is accustomed to answering the call of the despaired. This time around, the organisation was on the receiving end, as regional insurer Sagicor answered their call to further support their 43 years of being a listening ear.  

During the presentation which took place at Sagicor’s Port of Spain office, Lucy Gabriel, chair of Lifeline, was keen to point out that the organisation provides a non-judgemental space for people who are at high risk of dying by suicide and is a 24/7 helpline for emotional support versus a hotline for action-oriented intervention. 

She said, “We take anonymity and confidentiality very seriously, even after death. This makes it very challenging to get funding. We are thankful to Sagicor for answering the call. These funds will allow us to pay rent for our centre for the next six months. I know people will ask in these times of working from home, why a physical location, but it allows our volunteers to focus exclusively on the needs of the despairing, helps our listeners to physically and emotionally leave the calls behind, as well as provides access to toll-free numbers.”

Robert Trestrail, President and CEO, Sagicor Life Inc, while chatting with Gabriel, got further insight into the valuable service Lifeline provides to the public. He said, “Sagicor is very pleased to support this organisation. On behalf of the nation, we thank them for all that they do. Ms Gabriel is providing yeoman service to the country of Trinidad and Tobago. While I understand why the ‘listeners’ avoid the limelight, the work they do, definitely deserves more recognition from the private sector.”

Lifeline is modelled after the Samaritans, a UK-based organisation that is manned by volunteers who listen without judgement. Gabriel said, “Working with Lifeline, listening to people’s experiences challenges all your prejudices. Someone is going to relate what they’re going through to you that is going to challenge your stereotypes.”

To further promote its work, Lifeline will also be hosting Speak Your Mind, a weekly, one-hour live show, exploring issues and showing practical solutions to help, where companies can support through advertising. 


Robert Trestrail, President and CEO, Sagicor Life Inc, presents Lucy Gabriel, chair of Lifeline, an NGO that provides a 24/7 helpline for the despairing and suicidal, with a cheque for $25,000, at Sagicor’s Port of Spain head office.