Sagicor supports Gestalt leadership conference

April 27, 2022

Port of Spain, Trinidad—Regional financial services provider Sagicor is pleased to come on board as an associate sponsor of the fifth Global Gestalt Leadership Conference organised by founder Maxine Attong.

The online conference, which will be held on Thursday, April 28, is focused on “Leading with Love”. Attong says this theme “draws on our collective experience of the covid-19 pandemic” and will focus on translating what we’ve learnt in the last two years as to how leadership is performed. Jonno Hanafin is the keynote speaker and is an internationally recognised organisational change advisor with over 40 years’ experience. Alongside him, attendees can expect to hear from executive leadership coach Barbara A Perkins, and moderator Surren Maharaj.

Asha Nabbie, assistant vice president, marketing, Sagicor Life Inc, said, “Sagicor’s commitment to improving the lives of the people in our communities speaks to engaging in partnerships such as these. We’re pleased to be part of an initiative that gives leaders the tools to guide their decision-making in practical ways.”

Attong is a Gestalt-trained and certified professional facilitator who is using the skills she has gained from over 20 years as a certified accountant to support leaders create to organisational change. She said, “The Global Gestalt Leadership Conference was started in 2017 as an answer to the question, ‘What is missing in the system?’ The conference is one of the ways in which Maxine Attong Consulting ignites the leadership spark that resides in each of us so that together we can bring real change to the systems that we live, play and work within.”

What is Gestalt Leadership

Gestalt is a humanistic psychology that looks at the human mind and behaviour as a whole. It makes sense of this complex world by ensuring in the here and now, we are seeing beyond the immediate to identify the wider issues that are at play.

Leaders who operate from a Gestalt perspective focus on creating a team that works as a unit, while paying attention to the multiple realties that team members, the team as a whole and the organisation faces.