Sagicor says get ready for active 2021 hurricane season

June 04, 2021
The predictions for the 2021 hurricane season are for another above- normal period and citizens of Trinidad and Tobago need to be prepared. This six-month, annual event began on June 1 and formally ends on November 30, however, storms have been known to form outside these periods. While the focus is often on hurricanes, any weather system classed as a storm can bring flooding and devastation to communities.

Nowadays, there are immediate actions people can take to minimise their risk. Dexter Mc Knight, Vice President, Insurance Operations, for Sagicor General Insurance had some helpful advice to get prepared. “Taking preventative measures can spare you the hassle of trying to manage repairs to your property, particularly in light of the measures taken to flatten the curve of this pandemic. The two points of concern are wind damage to your roof and windows, and flooding.

“I recommend that homeowners check that their roofs, windows, doors or any other opening are secure. Installing hurricane straps on the roof can help to minimise it being torn off during high wind activity.” Mc Knight said it’s also important to trim trees that are close to your home as they can fall due to storm-level winds, causing damage you may have avoided otherwise.

He recommended citizens secure their documents, including their insurance policy, birth and marriage certificates and other financial documents, in waterproof containers or bags, as not only they can be saved if flooding occurs but they will also be easier to grab if evacuation becomes necessary.

“The last two years have shown that the Caribbean region must continue to be vigilant, as losses can be catastrophic, and this is even before you factor in the toll the global health pandemic has taken on many Caribbean economies.”

Of course, businesses can also protect their assets, Mc Knight said. “Having a business continuity plan can help businesses to avoid downtime, especially as a hybrid model of work is taking place due to the pandemic. Advance preparation can make it easier for businesses to recover and even avoid the more serious effects of an active hurricane season.”