Sagicor recognises single dads for Father’s Day

July 13, 2021
Sagicor recognised the special contribution of single fathers last Father’s Day with videos on their social media platforms and tokens for five lucky males.
In acknowledgment of the global celebration, Sagicor provided Brent Boothman, Gregory Walker, Kelon Noel, Sean Haynes and Sherwin Roberts, with a gift certificate for a meal at Hilton Trinidad to be used once restrictions are lifted.

Kaylon Walker, 15, son of Gregory Walker, submitted a voice recording honouring his father to Sagicor’s social media pages. Stressing that his father works harder than anyone he knows, he saluted his dad as his hero. “My sister, 11, and I are grateful for everything our father has done for us. He annoys us, makes us smile every day even when he doesn’t have to and always watches over us. I know our daddy battles stormy seas every day. He doesn’t say it but he always comes home to us with a smile on his face and kind words in his mouth. Our daddy is strong and the whole world should know that.”

Brent Boothman’s children too expressed their love for him. Aurelius, 12, said, “I love that he plays with us and puts on movies. I love that he provides us for us and has a roof over heads. Thank you, daddy.” Brother Caius, 6, said, “I love how he plays with us and I love how he provides for us. And I love how he takes care of us very well. And I love how he buys things for us to take care of us.”

The role fathers occupy has always been a critical one, even more so during the pandemic and with online schooling. Sagicor hopes every father had a safe and loved Father’s Day.

Brent Boothman: Brent Boothman with his sons Aurelius, 12, and Caius, 6.

Gregory Walker: Gregory Walker with his children Kaylon, 15, and Kaylah, 11