Sagicor performs health checks at Mundo Nuevo

May 11, 2022

Regional financial giant Sagicor was pleased to partner with Ferreira Optical and ABC Paediatrics for health and wellness checks for the 36 students from the Mundo Nuevo RC Primary School in Talparo, on April 26.

Sagicor’s Susan Mendez, pensions administration manager, in employee benefits, said, “Many times we take the little things for granted and may not be aware of the hardships of others. Speaking with the principal, Mrs Subero-Dogan, as she expressed her appreciation for the much-needed assistance given by Sagicor to the school’s physical surroundings and also to the needs of the children at the school warmed my heart. I felt we really touched the lives of the staff as well as the children. That is what Sagicor is all about; when we say we are giving back to the community, we want to make a difference in the lives of others.”

These two organisations provided their services free of charge to the students from within this rural community. Ferreira Optical conducted vision screening for the students and Ian Marcus Lewis, senior sales and marketing manager, said, “Today, 1 in 4 children has an undiagnosed vision problem which can interfere with learning and lead to academic and/or behavioural problems. Ferreira Optical’s partnership with Sagicor, through the provision of vision screening services, represents an opportunity for students and parents to identify the possible need for a comprehensive eye examination towards good sight and healthy vision. Ferreira Optical stands committed to promoting our future leaders’ progress in the classroom and beyond.”  

As part of Sagicor’s corporate social responsibility programme for academic year 2021/2022, the Mundo Nuevo RC Primary School was selected as the inaugural school in its Adopt-A-School initiative.

After discussions with the Mundo Nuevo principal Bernadine Subero-Dogan, Sagicor assisted the school with much-needed fencing and drainage works to keep both staff and students safe. Subero-Dogan said, “Stakeholder involvement is a monumental part of education. Partnering with Sagicor is one such example where the effects are felt years later and impacts the life of many generations to come. Their holistic approach to the students, staff and school contributed in no small measure towards the future development of school and community and by extension the nation. When one is involved in projects such as these, it boosts community spirit and breeds togetherness. The persons chosen feel a sense of pride and achievement and are inspired to be and do more.”

Dr Vanita Shukla from ABC Paediatrics said, “It was truly an honour for us at ABC Paediatrics to be a part of Sagicor’s Adopt-A-School initiative at Mundo Nuevo RC Primary School in Talparo. It is always rewarding when we can play a role in ensuring children have a bright and healthy future. These exceptional children, their teachers and parents – they were humble, healthy and loving. Being away from the noise and bustle of the cities, they thrive with creativity and passion. They taught us so much in our short time together – our passion for doing this on a more regular basis has grown, including planning ahead on what more we can do for them. Truly grateful for their hospitality, homegrown lettuce and delicious cocoa!”

Eight primary schools were adopted from across the southern Caribbean, with the programme set to conclude in July 2022, after which a new cohort of schools will be chosen.

The programme is underpinned by four key pillars: physical environment, health, developmental and educational programmes and safety and will involve support in various forms including upgrades to the schools’ facilities, support of various school initiatives and overall outreach.

Schools were selected from several nominations submitted by Sagicor team members in each territory, with the final schools chosen by staff committees who conducted a period of review and shortlisting.


The team at Mundo Nuevo RC Primary School on Tuesday, April 26. In photo, from left, Ferreira Optical ecommerce marketing specialist Avian Nanansingh; paediatric nephrologist Dr Nicole Solomon from ABC Paediatrics; Sagicor unit manager Delano Rauseo; Mundo Nuevo RC Primary School principal Bernadine Subero-Dogan; vicariate manager Reynald Phillip, from the Catholic Education Board of Management; paediatric neurologist Dr Vanita Shukla from ABC Paediatrics; and Susan Mendez, Sagicor pensions administration manager.