Sagicor gives boost to Chosen Hands

January 26, 2021

Port of Spain, Trinidad—Despite the challenges in hosting fundraising activities to support their work due to the restrictions in place because of the global health pandemic, many NGOs have continued to help citizens across Trinidad and Tobago. One such organisation is Chosen Hands, which runs a sustainable creative arts programme that addresses the needs of economically disadvantaged and at-risk youth. Sagicor is pleased to partner with the charity in supporting the young women at the St Jude’s School for Girls with sessions that assist them in finding ways of using their artistic skills to create various income streams.

For the sessions, Anika Plowden-Corentin, creative director at Chosen Hands, will be working closely with Veronica’s Pottery in creating ceramics, Vanessa Dalla Costa of Trinimosaics and artisan Craftii Meraki, who produces handmade fabric and leather-covered journals. Plowden-Corentin said, “The girls will be given an opportunity to understudy these successful artists and entrepreneurs and engage in the creative process during these sessions.”

Chosen Hands director Arveon Prout said, “Chosen Hands gives us the opportunity to touch the lives of vulnerable youth. We’ve seen the impact of this art and wellness project. We’ve seen it motivate, encourage, and empower these young women. They get excited about the programme and so we’re extremely happy for this injection from Sagicor; it gives further life to the year-long segment of activity for the girls. For the second year, Sagicor is partnering with us to support these young women to think of entrepreneurship as the next step for them when they leave St Jude’s so that they can become authors of their own destiny.”

Branch manager Camille Sinanan, based at Sagicor’s head office in Port of Spain, said, “Hard work and perseverance must be part of the makeup of these ladies and they need to remain focused on themselves and their dreams. I love that we at Sagicor are supporting young people in becoming entrepreneurs. Sagicor is very family oriented and with this venture we are helping young people who will make a difference in the future.”

Sagicor Chosen Hands Jan 20-9510: One of Sagicor’s newest
branch managers, Camille Sinanan, based at the Port of Spain office,
hands over a cheque to Chosen Hands director Arveon Prout on
January 20. Prout said, “we’re extremely happy for this injection
from Sagicor; it gives further life to the year-long segment of
activity for the girls.”