Sagicor funds CKFTO

December 10, 2021

Regional insurer Sagicor recently donated $15,000 to the Caribbean Kids and Families Therapy Organisation’s (CKFTO) Sponsor a Child programme. CKFTO is the sole, non-profit, therapeutic service provider of clinic-based, multi-disciplinary therapy for children with disabilities and special needs in Trinidad and Tobago.

On receiving the donation, CKFTO general manager Krista Hamel-Smith said, “As we all manoeuvre through these hard times, CKFTO is especially grateful for the generous funding from Sagicor. Our mandate is to provide therapeutic intervention and support services to families with children with disabilities, regardless of income level. To do this, CKFTO depends on corporations like Sagicor to fund CKFTO's Sponsor a Child programme. Through this programme, therapeutic interventions, such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, CME (Cuevas Medek exercise) therapy and psychoeducational assessments, become accessible to all children with disabilities – not only those who can afford it.”

Nicola Daly, Sagicor’s manager, facilities and administrative services, said, “Working with organisations like CKFTO remind us that the measure of a society is how it treats its most vulnerable members. Sagicor is pleased to advocate for the needs of children with disabilities through the efforts of CKFTO because we know that by doing this, we continue to improve the lives of those within our communities.”

CKFTO has been in existence for the past 13 years and continues to create different programmes that provide both parent and child with the tools they need to navigate the world as special needs families. CKFTO’s Sponsor a Child programme provides marginalised and low-income families access to therapy services not currently being offered in the public sector.