Sagicor encourages persons to continue focusing on their dreams

February 02, 2022
“Whatever your dream or goal, we can help you make it a reality.”

This from Robert Trestrail, President and CEO of Sagicor Life Inc, as he encouraged individuals across the Southern Caribbean to identify the goals they wish to achieve for themselves and their families, along with the actions required to realise them. 

The leading executive of the regional insurance and financial institution was speaking on the launch of the company’s “Grow with Sagicor” campaign, making the point that most goals and dreams can be achieved through careful planning, which Sagicor can help provide.  

With this is mind, Trestrail urged individuals to explore the several product options available to them within Sagicor’s extensive portfolio, noting that regardless of the goal or dream, there is always something that would be perfectly suited to their needs. 

“Whether you’re saving for your child’s education, looking to purchase a home, build generational wealth, or prepare financially for your retirement, we have a wide range of products, services and solutions that are tailored to help you accumulate the funds necessary to realise any of these goals in the timeframe you have set for yourself,” Trestrail said. 

He also pointed to the importance of careful and deliberate planning in the context of today’s environment, with the last two years providing multiple reminders of the unpredictable nature of life. “We’ve seen societies and economies severely affected by the impact of the pandemic, jobs lost, and businesses closed. The pandemic and several events experienced after, reminds us that anything can happen at any time and negatively impact or derail our lives, however, if we sit down and set out a plan of action and outline the steps to achieve our goals, we will likely be in a better position to overcome unforeseen challenges.” 

The President and CEO therefore challenged persons to begin 2022 by identifying and explicitly stating their goals and dreams, while also encouraging them to speak with a Sagicor advisor to find out more about the products and services that are right for them. 

“Wherever you are in life, whatever your age, profession or income level, you can ‘Grow with Sagicor’. Our financial advisors, investment and pension fund managers can put you on the right track towards meeting your objectives by evaluating what you’re working towards, the timeframe in which you wish to achieve it, along with the amount you need to accumulate to make it happen.”