Sagicor donates to Vitas House as part of its Pinktober activities

November 17, 2020

With October designated and recognised internationally as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Sagicor continued its observance of this period with several activities supported by staff and clients that raised awareness and assistance for organisations that work in this area.

To bring this year’s activities to a close, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Sagicor Life Inc Robert Trestrail visited Vitas House Hospice to present a financial donation to Dr Asante Le Blanc, Chairman of the Board of the Hospice and the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society. While there, Trestrail was given a tour of the facility, which provides free care to all terminally ill cancer patients who have exhausted medical resources and have a life expectancy of six months or less.

Trestrail thanked Dr Le Blanc and the entire Vitas House team for their work. He said, “At Sagicor, we are always guided by our vision –in which we are challenged always to improve the lives of the people in the communities in which we operate. For us, our observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and our support of Vitas House are examples of living that vision. Sagicor is proud to support the work of Vitas House Hospice and I am really appreciative of the opportunity to see their operation firsthand.

“If it’s one thing we have all learned from 2020 is that in order to survive and to prosper –we must become and remain our brother’s and sister’s keeper. Vitas House Hospice has been demonstrating that since it first began operating in 2009, and we thank Dr Le Blanc and her team for their service.

”Dr Le Blanc spoke passionately about the work of the hospice and revealed a future vision of a space, post COVID-19 where patients could be cared for and family members could also be supported during this difficult time in a loving, peaceful and compassionate environment.

As seen in previous years, Sagicor’s team members were extremely active and willing to give of their time and energy to ensure that the public understood the important of regular breast exams, early testing and early action if an issue is suspected.

During the month, Sagicor offered pink branded masks for sale, with the proceeds also going towards Vitas House. Team members were encouraged to wear these masks and other pink attire on Fridays to promote the message of breast cancer awareness. Additionally, some team members who have been affected by cancer agreed to tell share their stories, which can be found posted on Sagicor’s social media platforms. 

The company also made use of the opportunity provided by the Jerusalema dance challenge, with team members wearing their pink masks and other pink attire in Sagicor Trinidad’s response to the challenge from their counterparts in Curacao. The video, which featured team members from all offices across Trinidad, has since been shared over 2,500 times and viewed 507,000 times on Facebook alone. Click on the Sagicor TT Jerusalema Challenge to see the challenge on our Facebook page and visit the Vitas House Hospice’s website to learn more about the hospice and the work being done by them.


Dr Asante Le Blanc, Chairman of the Vitas House Hospice, breaks down the work of the hospice to Robert Trestrail, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Sagicor Life Inc, when he visited the hospice as part of Sagicor’s activities for Breast Cancer Awareness Month