Sagicor creates ‘M.A.G.I.C.’ for children

December 29, 2022

Local insurer Sagicor rolled out its sales-driven corporate social responsibility initiative—Sagicor “Making A Giant Impact In Children” (MAGIC), with the first donation to the St James Police Youth Club.

With children seriously affected by the pandemic since its 2020 start, through lockdowns and the challenges of online school, Sagicor aimed to offer a campaign to foster literacy development, as well as get children excited about learning.

Sagicor Magic will see members of the sales team working with their selected charity aligned to youth literacy and development. 

Christopher Gouveia, one of the branch managers at Sagicor Life Inc, kicked off the campaign by donating funds to support the carpentry course at the St James Police Youth Club, which is managed by Officer Derrick Sharbodie.

Gouveia said, “My branch has had a long relationship with the youth club from our days when the branch was based at our Alyce Glen location. So, when Officer Sharbodie made a clarion call on the news for support for the club, it was only natural that Sagicor answer. Sagicor Magic aligns with Sagicor’s vision and the goals of the St James Police Youth Club. I believe it’s important to support the hopes and dreams of youths to help them create a better life for themselves and future generations. So, providing the youths of the police club with the practical carpentry skills will definitely go a long way in achieving that.”

The other projects will be rolled out in the coming weeks.