Sagicor celebrates World Environment Day

June 14, 2022
Sagicor was pleased to  recognise World Environment Day by involving the students of the Sacred Heart Girls RC and Diamond Vale Government Primary schools. While the day is recognised on June 5, team members from Sagicor General Insurance Inc and Sagicor Investments Trinidad and Tobago Limited presented plants and engaged in some gardening with the students at both schools on June 3. 

Michael Millar, head of wealth management, at Sagicor, said, “Caring for the environment and investing have something in common—starting early. I’m very pleased to be a part of a project that instills such an important value in the youths at Sacred Heart and Diamond Vale from such an early age. Being able to listen to the girls at Sacred Heart and hear their passion for World Environment Day and their upcoming project, I am confident that the environment is in good hands.”

Teacher Nakisha Andrews, head of the 4H Club at Sacred Heart, said that the school’s plan is to branch off into hydroponics. Principal Vanessa Yearwood of Sacred Heart said, “On behalf of the students and myself, I want to express my thanks for Sagicor’s support on our project. With food shortages becoming a global issue, it’s important to get these girls involved in agriculture and being environmentally friendly from early.”

The students of Diamond Vale Government Primary School were also excited to receive their seedlings, as their plans for a kitchen garden were supplemented by the donation. The school’s agriculture club operated successfully before the pandemic but with the extended school closure was on hiatus. The teachers who manage the club were happy with Sagicor’s donation to help them revamp the initiative and said, “With the physical reopening of the schools, we are starting again. It is part of our school’s action plan to reintroduce both the theory and practical aspects of agriculture, especially in these uncertain times relative to food shortages around the world. It is of paramount importance that students learn the skills associated with food security. Local food production in our school is our goal.” 

World Environment Day was first observed in 1973 and is promoted and managed through the United Nations Environment Programme.